WORM is our sister project funded under the same Horizon Europe call.

WORM aims to design guidelines and support actions for circular economy in the humanitarian sector. Following a collaborative and multi-actor approach, WORM brings together medical and humanitarian organisations, procurement service providers, logistics providers, waste management services and academic partners.

WORM focuses on several cross-cutting focus areas in the context of field hospital deployments, and humanitarian livelihood programmes with a waste-picking component:

  • To identify and integrate bio-based solutions in the humanitarian context for waste treatment;
  • To use the full potential of sustainable procurement as a gatekeeper for waste avoidance and gateway for innovative solutions implementation;
  • To propose safer and more environmentally responsible waste treatment methods;
  • To enhance local awareness of improved waste management through targeted and community-based campaigns;
  • To provide guidelines and policy recommendations for reducing the environmental impact and maximizing the socio-economic effects of humanitarian operations

As Bio4HUMAN and WORM will develop many clustering events, we invite you to stay updated through our News and Events  page.